With figures that speak for themselves

Green logistics for a sustainable site

As one of the leading European steel processors, Stahl Judenburg has a corporate strategy that is both environmentally and economically sustainable. With its innovative technologies and sophisticated strategies, the company makes a contribution to environmentally sustainable standards through its CO2-optimised green logistics.

Having switched its supply processes, the SBQ steel specialist now saves around 1,000 tonnes of CO2 each year, which is roughly equivalent to the carbon emissions of 150 European households. This was achieved by switching some of the incoming deliveries and outgoing shipments from HGV to rail. Stahl Judenburg has received shipments totalling more than 75,000 tonnes of material, and more than a quarter of that – 20,000 tonnes – was transported by rail.

Doing business responsibly

In doing so, the company is not only concerned with innovative thinking or economic advantages – on the contrary, the logistics associated with rail deliveries is significantly more complex. Stahl Judenburg works in a sustainable, resource-conscious and energy-optimised way in order to leave a clean environment as a legacy to future generations.

Sustainable and safe

The GMH Gruppe company is naturally keen to continue to work in line with this principle over the coming decades. The values of corporate social responsibility (CSR) are embedded in the strategy and social and environmental concerns are firmly integrated into the company’s business activities. Green logistics at the site is just one expression of this commitment.

Resource conservation and a sustainable approach to the environment and raw materials take a high priority in the way we think and work – with a focus on being as competitive as possible.

Thomas Krenn Managing Director of Stahl Judenburg