A sustainable energy surplus

For internal district heating

The high-grade structural steel specialist Stahl Judenburg is focusing on sustainability – which includes a sustainable energy supply. An innovative internal district heating system is going into operation at the steel plant, which is owned by GMH Gruppe.

The best in high-tech: To put it simply, at Judenburg steel processing plant, primary materials are heated to temperatures of above 1,000 degrees Celsius in special walking-hearth furnaces. They are then processed into a wide range of different products. The innovative company is capitalising on these extremely high temperatures. Thanks to the installation of a "heat carrier" with a connected load of 1,800 kilowatts, the energy surplus of the furnace is fed into an internal district heating system. As a result, the energy, which would otherwise go unused, facilitates significant reductions in electricity and gas usage.

Investing in the future

The GMH Gruppe company has invested around €350,000 in this district heating system at the site. It is a project with a bright future, because using the waste heat reduces the company’s energy costs and its emissions. In terms of figures, the internal district heating system produces 2,200 megawatt hours each year – and it saves around 500 tonnes of CO2.

Our district heating system reduces energy costs and saves 500 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Thomas KrennManaging Director of Stahl Judenburg

District heating system at Judenburg steel processing plant

The effect:

  • Connected load: 1,800 kilowatts
  • Investment in 2016: approx. €350,000
  • Payback period: 3 years