A long-term vision for strategic decisions

The history of Stahl Judenburg GmbH

The Judenburg region boasts a rich tradition of steel production dating back over 100 years.

In 1906, steel pioneers Sebastian Danner and Konrad Wittgenstein founded “Steirische Gussstahlwerke Danner & Co.”, a cast steel works. In subsequent years, the steel furnace was supplemented by a rolling mill and a forge.

The company performed strongly for many years, surviving changes in ownership and both world wars almost completely unscathed. But the steel crisis of the seventies and eighties led the owners to make an important strategic decision: from then on, they would specialise in bright steel.

In 1995, Georgsmarienhütte GmbH took over 100 per cent of shares in the company, which was by then trading under the name of Voest-Alpine Stahl Judenburg GmbH, a subsidiary of Voest-Alpine-Donawitz. Thanks to its partnership with GMH Gruppe, Stahl Judenburg GmbH has now become one of the most high-tech steel plants in Europe.


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